You can use this reading practice test to prepare for Cambridge B2 First, IELTS (5. .

Exercise Number: FCE105.

Sections 50-5-2545 and 50-9-1160 of the S.

LIU053 - The Dead Sea - Multiple Choice Cloze. They are very specific topics with very concrete vocabulary so that the student can expand his vocabulary and knowledge in any subject. .

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There is one extra sentence. Note: Part 1 of the Speaking test is not assessed. .

. Daniel Perry was convicted of murder in April in the July 2020 killing of 28-year-old Garrett Foster, who was legally carrying a rifle.

• Practise Reading part 6.

Improve your English reading skills with these free short stories and graded reading texts on a wide range of topics of general interest.

Reading comprehension task. A1 Elementary A2 Pre-intermediate B1 Intermediate B1+ Upper-intermediate B2 Pre-advanced.

I can understand a text about teenagers and sleep. Find your digital source material and copy the URL.

For Parts 1 to 4 , you read a range of texts and do grammar and vocabulary tasks.
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In this section, read our entertaining short stories specially written for upper intermediate (CEFR level B2) or advanced (CEFR level C1) learners.


There are three parts to the B2 Reading test.

Give each student a copy of the worksheet and ask them to read the introduction. . Gapped text reading exercise about warming in the Arctic regions.

. May 8, 2023 · Edward Tian, a 22-year-old Princeton University student studying computer science and journalism, developed an app called GPTZero to deter the misuse of the viral chatbot ChatGPT in classrooms. . S ECTION 2. .

Language in Use (B2) LIU057 - Atlantis: The Lost Civilisation - One Word Too Many.

Exercise Number: FCE105. S ection 50-5-2510 of the S.

But the evidence is there.


For Parts 1 to 4, you read a range of texts and do grammar and vocabulary tasks.

Exercise Number: FCE105.

Arctic Warming.