3 update Apple CarPlay with my Honda stopped working after the 12.


Tap General > Software Update. It’ll resolve your CarPlay issue if it’s caused by a random bug mismatching the settings during the iOS 16 update.

Toggle the CarPlay option to Off.


. Go to your Honda infotainment Settings and select Apple CarPlay®. Look for your car in the My Cars section.


CarPlay broken on iPhone X after 12. If the Carplay feature is turned off on your device, it won’t connect to your car anyway. It used to work, but the whole reason why I got the car in September was for CarPlay.

. In order to use the CarPlay feature, the following options should be enabled: The option Listen for “Hey Siri” must be turned on.

I had to restart my car to get it working correctly, but remember that has happened only a handful of times since I owned it.

Jan 31, 2023 · Clear the Android Auto app cache and storage: Open the Settings app.

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I have tired everything.


Touch Enable or Always Enable on next prompt.

. If CarPlay suddenly stops working, you should first see if you still have CarPlay enabled. This week it simply stopped working.

. . . Tap General. Go to your Honda infotainment Settings and select Apple CarPlay®.

Sep 13, 2020 · Hi - I have the 2020 CRV hybrid and finally got our first road trip in this past week.

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Go to your settings>general>restrictions on your iPhone to Make sure your CarPlay is not restricted.

Tap CarPlay.

I recently bought a 2022 Mazda3 w/ CarPlay.


When using the GPS app on either of our iPhones, the map on the car's display freezes, as if the phone is no longer sending data to the car.