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. You have the option to say or write out the month using letters if you are writing the date in a more.


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El juego empieza este martes. Here are some general principles of Spanish pronunciation that you may find helpful: The vowel sounds of Spanish are usually purer than those of English. .

When we talk about days in the plural, like ‘I hate Mondays,’ we use the plural masculine article los, so: odio los lunes.

then pronounce de (DAY) and the month’s name. . .

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. Jen estaba siempre informada de los cotilleos de su celebridad.

Here’s an interesting fact: It only takes Spanish-speaking children about a year to master spelling. Examples: cena (”dinner”); zorro (”fox”).

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[information, edition, report] al día ⧫ actualizado.

date stamp sello con la fecha.

Spanish Pronunciation of Dates.

This phonetic translator will help you obtain very accurate phonetic transcription of your Spanish text. Thousands of useful phrases, idioms and examples. This means that you have to use the th sound every time the letter c is followed by the vowels e or i.

Jen was always up to date on her celebrity gossip. . Although the vowel sounds of English can be indistinct. If you need to copy the phonetic transcription into another program or print it, please read our FAQ. .

[ˈʌptəˈdeɪt ] adjective.

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s as in see but often weakened to h or not pronounced when at end of syllable (most of Latin America, southern Spain/Canary Islands) v.

You use the verb ser in either singular or plural third person (depending on if you’re referring to 1 o’clock (singular) or any other hour (plural), and treat the hours themselves as feminine nouns.