However, Irish immigration officers will check.


UK citizens do not need a visa or residency permit to visit, live, work or study in Ireland. to 8:00 p.

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This page has information on how to apply for a short-stay visa.

The scheme is valid until October 31st,. You can read more about Registration of non-EEA nationals in Ireland. Work for up to 14 days.

The ETA system is expected to be introduced in 2023.

. It follows the Irish Short-stay Visa Waiver program that permits nationals of 18 countries to enter Ireland with UK visas. Most people need a valid passport to enter the Republic or Northern Ireland but there are some exceptions: If you're a UK citizen, you can also use official photo identification.

However, the appropriate authorities in either the UK or Ireland will process your visa application depending on which country you are seeking your initial visa to. Permitted visas: All.



For example: for a holiday or to see family and friends. .

Our office recommends applying six to eight weeks in advance. Requirements for the British-Irish Visa Scheme.

If you want to work for more than 14 days or more than 14 days will pass between your.
You can continue to use your existing multiple-entry short-stay UK visa for entry to Ireland under the Irish Short-Stay Visa Waiver Programme until that programme expires on 31.
For example, this link says (b) UK visa scheme For example, if you have entered the UK or have been granted leave to enter the UK by a UK immigration official (for up to 180 days) using this visa and your intended visit to Ireland ends before your leave to remain in the UK ends, you may be permitted to travel directly to Ireland from a 3rd.

If you enter Ireland, visit the UK and then wish to re-enter into Ireland again, for example, you shouldn’t need a Re-Entry Visa.

If you're an EU citizen, you can use your national identity card to travel throughout the island of Ireland (including Northern Ireland), as long as you are.

. There are Short-Stay and Long-Stay Visas Ireland Visa which you can apply by filling the Ireland Online Application Form. For instance: You can visit the UK (including Northern Ireland) without applying for a UK visa, if you have an Irish Visit (Tourist) Visa.

You can visit Ireland and the United Kingdom using a single visa issued by either country, if you are a Chinese or Indian citizen. S. May 8, 2019 · Indian and Chinese nationals can travel to Ireland and the UK using the following UK visas: all standard visitor categories where the maximum period for a single visit is six months Permitted Paid. If you would like to visit Ireland for a short period (less than 3 months) to visit family and. . .


S. Eligible nationalties: All nationalities.

Mar 10, 2023 · The government said: "Those who are legally resident in Ireland and from a nationality that does not usually require a visa to visit the UK, will not be required to obtain an ETA when travelling.


If you're an EU citizen, you can use your national identity card to travel throughout the island of Ireland (including Northern Ireland), as long as you are.